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Signs are wonderful showpieces for a myriad of occasions and situations. Signs can be used in many ways, such as to inform, to educate or to re-direct. There are many types of signs that are used profusely around the world today, such as traffic signs, environmental signs, informative signs and others. Signs can be very creative and yet simple. They are usually colorful and impactful with their designs and creativity.

Usually there are not many words on a sign; for example, traffic signs usually show the picture to depict the condition with no words as in a “No entry” sign which is represented globally by a red circle with a white band in its middle. Every person understands this sign to refer to no entry to the place.

Signs can come in small or big sizes and all kinds of shapes. Just the traffic signs category have various shapes like round for “No entry” or “No parking” while the triangle shape refers to “Yield” and “Slippery Road” with the appropriate design.

Some signs are more contemporary to give a fresh outlook on the situation such as the Recycle sign. Instead of the traditional Recycle symbol of three blue arrows in a cyclic triangular direction, you can enhance the sign with a recycle mascot or some simple related words.

A Sign template can contain the following components:

* Various shapes & sizes

* Colors

* Pictures

* Words

Some signs need authorized approvals before usage.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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