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Simple Invoice Template

Invoices are necessary to claim payment for products sold or services rendered in any business. Invoices are essential to the business’ survival as these bring in the cash flow to the company.

A simple invoice is similar to the traditional invoice where the necessary sales information is recorded for payment purposes, except that a simple invoice is as its term, simpler than normal invoices. Perhaps the business is new or slow with fewer transactions; hence, the types of information to be recorded on an invoice are simpler.

Simple invoices could also be used in businesses that do not carry many products; hence, there is very little recording of information. It does not matter how an invoice is as long as the payment is made quickly to the issuer.

A simple invoice template header may display:

* Company’s name and logo

* Company’s full mailing address & contact number

* Customer / Recipient’s full name

* Customer / Recipient’s full address and contact information

* Invoice Number

* Delivery Order Number Reference

* Customer’s Identification Code

The body of the Invoice template records:

* Quantity of Items sold/purchased

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Line Total

The above lists the actual transaction details so that payment can be made to the originator of this invoice.

You can also include certain terms and conditions at the bottom of your simple invoice to notify your payee, such as ‘CASH TERMS ONLY’.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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