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Simple Newsletter Template

A newsletter contains informative data to its readers. It can be circulated internally or externally in an environment. It can be very simple with one page only or very elaborate in the book of a thin booklet.

A simple newsletter can be distributed by any interested party that wishes to convey and distribute relevant information to its reader or the public such as medical organizations like the hospital that wishes to educate the public on certain diseases. It can be the publishing of a club or society like an old folks’ home that wishes to inform its sponsors of the activities undertaken by the home in the past quarter.

A simple newsletter may display related articles, testimonials, pictures, words of wisdom, borders, contact information of editorial team and reviews. There can be a company logo can be present at the header with a good usage of colors and fonts for creativity.

A simple newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Company name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Articles

* Pictures

* Colors

* Words of wisdom

* Editorial team information

* Article Reviews

* Testimonials

* Product Reviews / Updates

* Reports

* References

* Contact information of author

The contents and the format of a simple newsletter depend on the editorial team and the organization’s preferences, objectives and needs. A simple newsletter can be designed manually or using a special publishing software which is more beneficial.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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