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Simple Receipt Template

Any purchase from an established company should entitle you to a receipt, no matter how simple it may be. A receipt may be just a simple piece of paper that shows that you have purchased from the supplier or retailer; it is a proof of your paid purchase.

A simple cash receipt is useful to the purchaser to track and account his purchases. Simple and relevant information about the purchase is recorded in a simple structure that lists the supplier information, transaction or purchase amount and date, purchase description, taxes, and total value paid.

A simple receipt need not have too many pieces of information or be too detailed. The most important pieces of information would be the type of purchase, the amount due and paid with the date.

Hence, a simple receipt template can contain the following information:

* Date

* Cash receipt number

* Company Name & address

* Quantity

* Item purchased

* Amount due

* Taxes

* Amount paid

* Received from:

* Received by:

* Approved by:

A simple receipt can be half A4 size which may display the company chop if a general receipt document is used rather than the specially designed receipts with printed company name and logo. Small businesses tend to use these kinds of general receipt pieces with their own physical company chops. These usually come in duplicates.

Larger companies print their own receipt copies with preprinted company name and logo.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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