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Small Business Plan Template

A small business is set up to make it against the odds and the big players in the industry. To help it progress, it is better to have a business plan. A small business plan is one that is drawn up to guide the business as it kicks start its operations.

It should contain the important aspects such as Executive Summary in some narrative form plus financial information on some worksheets. Objectives and goals of the company are listed to display the direction of the business.

A small business plan needs to be complete even though the business may be small. It still should have an overview of its operations, listing out its products and services as well as marketing strategies and management style. It should also include its organization structure even if it is very simple and straightforward.

A small business plan template may have:

* Company Name & Address

* Executive Summary

* Mission & Vision

* Business Owner

* Background

* Products & services

* Product offerings description

* Quality

* Marketing Plan

* Market Size

* Factors that can affect your industry & company

* Targeted customers

* Competition & solutions

* Niche market identification

* Operational Plan

* Production

* Personnel & Responsibility

* Inventory

* Creditors & Suppliers

* Management style

* Board of Directors

* Organizational chart / structure

* Financial Information & Analysis

* 12 month projection (P&L)

* Projected Cash flow

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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