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Software Development Proposal Template

Today, most companies require some form of software for their business. It could be some accounting software that keeps track of its profit & loss, balance sheet or income statement; it could be some special human resource software that tracks the working hours of the company’s employees for salary computation; software is required to publish newsletters or reports for the dissemination of information. There are many types of processes in a business which require special software to handle.

A software program is a piece of executive program that is run in the computer to handle some specific workload directed by some instructions in a language that is understood by the computer.

It performs tedious computations, routine checking and frequent printouts of reports and information for the smooth running of the company business, with the intention to profit and to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Different businesses require different software; hence, software development is very important to ensure that the right tool is employed for the organization’s operational style and management. A software development proposal will describe the type of software that is required by the company and how this tool can benefit the company in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

A software development proposal template may have the following components:

* Software Development Company Name & Address

* Company Background

* Proposed Software development to Customer

* Benefits of proposed software

* Training Sessions

* Timeline of development

* Cost & Charges

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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