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Software Inventory Report Template

With the advent of technology, all companies have no choice but to engage technology and computers in their businesses to stay competitive. Hence, it is crucial to conduct software inventory regularly in the office environment to identify the usage of the current software that the company has, and how effective the available software has been to the welfare of the organization. The report can also display the efficiency or inefficiency of any software towards the company’s business competitiveness.

A Software inventory report will allow the organization leaders to consider upgrading software that is inefficient or outdated, which is detrimental to the organization’s sustenance and growth in business, to stay competitive.

Hence, a Software Inventory Report template may have the following header of information:

* Computer Serial Number

* Inventory Check Date

* Department

* Checked by

* Employee Name

* Employee Position

* Employee Extension number

The above information will be a good reference to monitor the usage of the computer and the software installed by the user.

The template body may list:

* Software Title

* Software Serial number

* Publisher

* Installation date

* Approved software

The above information allows the organization to track the types of software that are more frequently used by its staff, and how efficient the software is to contribute to the well being of the organization. It can also track if the staff has been installing illegal or unapproved software which reflects badly on the staff’s time and resource management skills.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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