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Software Project Proposal Template

With the advancement of technology, almost all businesses need to include computers or Information Technology facilities in their offices and business dealings. It is quite impossible to survive in today’s economic climate without computers and their technology. Your business will get left behind and it might even fold up very quickly.

Hence, many companies need to incorporate computers and the relevant software in their budget to have not just the competitive edge in the business but more of enabling their business to survive today.

Hence, many software experts are available to assist businesses in selecting the right type of software that will suit their business environment. Because of the many software experts today, it can be quite competitive to secure a software project. Thus, the software company must have very good software developers and engineers who can customize the software for their different clients’ needs.

A software project proposal template may require the following information:

* Software Company Name & Address

* Expertise Areas

* Proposed Software to Customer

* Benefits of proposed software

* Technical details

* Training Sessions

* Upgrade Options

* Cost & Charges

The software project proposal is very flexible as it caters to the different needs of the client. It can be proposing standard software or customized software depending on the clients’ needs.

The client must be satisfied with the proposal and be assured of the benefits of the proposed software before purchase.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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