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Software Proposal Template

Today, almost all businesses find it impossible to progress without the assistance of computers. Indeed, these entities bring a lot of benefits to the businesses with its fast speed which is enhanced as time goes by. Besides the hardware of the computers, there is also the software entity.

Software is the program which does the tedious computations and routine works for the organization, no matter what type of business it is involved. Hence, different businesses will require different software, just like the organization’s operational style and management. There are many types of software which a company may need to purchase to help it speed up its operations such as generating reports and proposals, computations of sales and tracking products in warehouses.

Hence, software companies may have different types of software to recommend to businesses. A software proposal is just about that; the software company may develop its own special accounting or personnel software that can be quite generic. But if it is developed by the software company, changes can be made to accommodate the different businesses.

A software proposal template may require the following information:

* Software Company Name & Address

* Company Background

* Proposed Software to Customer

* Benefits of proposed software

* Customization of software

* Training Sessions

* Upgrade Options

* Cost & Charges

* Demo

A software proposal can include a free trial sample for the customer to check out the proposed software before purchase.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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