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Sponsor Proposal Template

Sponsorships are necessary in many events and projects today as the cost of living increases. There are many charitable organizations that require sponsorships to survive, such as old folks’ home, orphanages, the handicapped and the religious groups.

There are may be events such as dinners and competitions, awards and acknowledgements where sponsorships are necessary to make the event a success. Many sponsorship activities are generated to assist not only the needy groups of society but also to promote the company’s image and products/services.

Hence, a sponsor proposal is usually drawn up when one or more potential sponsors are identified to assist in a targeted project for any organization. Sponsorship can be in the form of funds or kind. A public library can be sponsored reading materials besides cash.

The sponsor proposal needs to be professionally and courteously written in requesting for sponsorship. The intention, purpose, goal and benefits of the sponsorship should be clearly stated to obtain a positive response from the sponsors.

A sponsor proposal template may contain the following information:

* Organizing Company Name & Address

* Brief Company Background

* Company Contact Person & Number

* Sponsorship Proposal Intention

* Objective of sponsorship

* Targeted Recipient

* Reasons for targeted recipient

* Targeted funds to be solicited

* Program

* Date, time, venue

* Cost

* Resources

* Important invited guests

It is important to have the appropriate response slip to encourage the appropriate response from the targeted sponsors.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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