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Sponsorship Proposal Template

Sponsorships are common in today’s rising economy where many groups find it hard to get by on their own, like the elderly, retirees, orphans, widows and single parents. Hence, many sponsorship activities are generated to assist the needy groups of community.

When an organization plans a noble task such as a sponsorship activity in aid of a needy community group, it has to draw up a sponsorship proposal for the benefit of those it is soliciting funds from.

A sponsorship proposal is a write up on the planned activity that will woo the recipients to sponsor generously towards the targeted community. The proposal plans should be well written and specific to avoid ambiguity over its intention, objective and target.

A sponsorship proposal template may require the following information:

* Organizing Company Name & Address

* Brief Company Background

* Company Contact Person & Number

* Sponsorship Proposal Intention

* Objective of sponsorship

* Targeted Recipient

* Reasons for targeted recipient

* Targeted funds to be solicited

* Program

* Date, time, venue

* Cost

* Resources

* Important invited guests

A sponsorship proposal can also include the various forms of participation by the recipient upon receiving the sponsorship proposal. The recipient can choose to respond through a one time donation, regular donations or participate actively in the organized events.

There may be attachments, funding envelops or response slips on the sponsorship proposal for the recipient to make an immediate response.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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