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Sports Award Certificate Template

Sports are popular amongst the young and those who are keen on maintaining good health and physique. There are many kinds of sports which can be played by many people, regardless of age and gender. Some sports require little skills like running or jumping. Of course, if you intend to be a professional, you will need to hone your running skills to be an excellent runner. Many people like to excel in sports not just for health and physique purposes.

Fame and fortune can come with sports excellence. There are many sports award certificates that are given to athletes who excel in their chosen sports. Every country has its own elite athletes. These may have started when they were in high school, achieving one sports award to another until they were chosen to represent the state or country.

A Sports Award certificate is an official recognition of the athlete holder’s excellence performance in that area of sports. It usually has the athlete’s name and the sports name on the certificate. The official authority and stamp are also on the certificate with the date of accomplishment. Sports Award certificates help the high school achievers to gain admissions to better colleges and be considered for an educational scholarship in the future.

A sports award certificate template may have the following components:

* Sports Award Certificate Title

* Recipient’s Name

* Sports Name

* Date

* Category

* Official Authority signatories & Stamps

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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