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Sports Form Template

Sports are loved by almost all walks of life. There is bound to be one type of sports that will suit an individual. Sports give you the advantage of maintaining your good health and slowing down the aging process as it is a good form of exercise.

However, when a type of sports is played, every player gets competitive, even on a friendly match. Every team wants to win. And to determine the winner, one must have a sports form to keep track of the scores. Different sports have different rules; hence, there will be different rules and scoring. Some sports have only one player while others have a team.

But you can work out your sports form based on the type of sports you play. Different sports have different number of rounds before a winner can be determined. For example, badminton is played in a set of 3; squash is played in a set of 5. Football is played only once and the winner is determined by the score, which moves the higher score team up the level until the final round is reached.

A sports form template usually record:

* The team’s name

* The team’s individual members

* The individual scores

* Total team scores

* Bonus points

* Date played

A sports form is a useful record of information which reflects the progress of the players. It can give some motivation to the players to do better.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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