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Sports Resume Template

Sports are very important in our lives. It can bring people together while building up our body to wellness. Everyone should and can indulge in sports. There are so many varieties for your choosing; there is bound to be a sport that fits your liking and time. It is a good change to your lifestyle.

A sports resume is one that an individual prepares to be accepted into a position of sportsmanship. It could be a coaching position or a sportsman position where active participation in that particular sport is required.

An individual indulging in sports must be active in sports. He would be physically fit with a well toned body. He must be a good time manager to ensure that he has sufficient time for his sports activities. He is a lively person who can speak to anyone interested for a game. He is ready to coach those who show interest. He is exercises a lot of discipline on his priorities.

A sports resume will contain many types of sport activities which the individual is interested in or indulging. He may excel in a few. The sporty individual would have worked hard to achieve some accolades to his credit in various sports. He must have passion for the sports he is active in.

A sports resume template may include:

*Individual’s personal information

* Education

* Skills

* Personality attributes & strengths

* Work Experience

* Awards & Achievements

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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