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Staff Meeting Minutes Template

Staff meetings are very crucial to the welfare of the organization or department. It is a get together of great minds and souls to understand the work objectives and ethics for a better working environment to achieve the company or department objectives or goals. Hence, staff meetings should have minutes recorded as a reference or reminder to the attendees on what have transpired at the meeting, or to update those who could not attend the meeting for one reason or another, such as on sick leave or in the field.

A Staff meeting minutes is usually taken by the secretary who later prints and distributes a copy to all who are involved, including the absentees.

A Staff meeting minutes’ template may contain the following header:

* Date of Meeting

* Called by

* Attendees/Absentees

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

The body of the staff meeting minutes can contain columns of information recording what has been transpired during the meeting:

* Agenda

* Presenter

* Conclusion

* Action By

Under the Agenda column, work related important aspects will be identified and recorded as per discussion during the meeting. The conclusion column records the final decision made in the meeting while the Action By column records the assigned person to follow up on the conclusion. With these columns of decision and action, there is no excuse or passing the buck attitude to be tolerated as all responsibilities are clearly spelt out in the minutes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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