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Standard Invoice Template

An invoice is an important document to any business as it is a demand for the monies owed to the company after some sales or services rendered.

An invoice has quite a standard format for most businesses. A standard invoice template allows the company to generate out invoices quickly if the business volume is high. It will save the company time and money to generate out standard invoices template with different customer names and sales amount.

The standard invoice will record the different information of every transaction performed between the company and the customers. An electronic standard invoice template allows storage and modifications of the contents where necessary.

A standard invoice template may record the following information:

* Company Name & Logo

* Company Address & Contact

* Customer’s Name & Address

* Customer’s Contact Information

* Invoice Number

* Billing Date

The body of the business invoice template records all the information to prove the business transaction already happened. It can have the following columns of information on the transaction:

* Item

* Description

* Cost per Hour / Item

* Service Tax

* Total

At the bottom of the standard invoice, there may be special notes to the recipient or payee such as terms and conditions for the payment, like “30 days’ credit” or “Cash on Delivery”. It can also state how to pay the company by check, as in “Make your check payable to <Company Name>”

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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