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Strategic Business Plan Template

A strategic business plan is very similar to a business proposal where a business wants to progress or even start up.

To improve the business, there must be creative and impactful strategies which the company leadership must propose and adopt. The strategic business plan is to be thought out thoroughly for the future progress of the business which normally gets implemented quickly if adopted. This is the norm today as the business world is very competitive.

A strategic business plan usually contains a lot of ideas that are supposed to impact the business if adopted. However, careful study of the business and its competition is required to have a successful business plan.

A business plan is not a guarantee to improve the business as there are many factors at play, such as economic situation, competitors and financial standing of company. At times, the company needs to improve its financial standing before it can implement the strategic business plan, which requires a business loan.

A strategic business plan template can have the following types of information:

* Company Name & Address

* Company’s current financial standing

* Company’s expected financial standing

*Expected timeframe

* Strategies to improve business

* Objectives

* Capital Required

* Methodologies

* Research conducted & analysis

* Feasibility study & conclusion

* Expected timeframe of plan

* Bank loans

* Loan Amount

The strategic business plan must be workable and well researched with evidences to back up the proposed plan.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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