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Student Planner Template

A student must be disciplined in his studies in order to excel. Being clever is insufficient; he can excel by adopting a student planner which can assist him to do better than he thinks.

A student can use the planner at home or in school where he can note what subjects he has revised and which subjects need more revision. The student planner can record details of the revision or just the briefs, depending on the student’s requirement. It is not only for revision of studies only but can also remind the student of his outstanding homework or projects.

The student planner can display the days of the week for the whole month if the student want the planner structured that way.

A student planner template can have the following information to enhance his studies:

* Student’s name

* Date

* Year of Study

* Days of the week

* Subject

* Chapter / Title

* Summary / Overview

* Type of activity

* Notes

* Duration of Study / Revision

The student planner can identify the type of activity that is required to be completed, such as assignment, project, homework, notes etc.

The student planner can give a summary of the work done or revised which can help the student note his pace of revision or understanding of his studies. The student planner can be adopted on a normal study course basis or prior to the examinations to assist the student.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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