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To excel in studies, the student needs not only be diligent in the classroom but also outside. In the home, the student can draw up a study planner which can assist the student to develop discipline in his study habits. A study planner is a useful tool to monitor the student’s progress (or lack of) in his studies. It is especially helpful when exams are fast approaching but it would be a great tool to develop consistent and good studying habits.

A study planner template can have the following columns to record the necessary information to monitor revision progress:

* Date of Study

* Subject

* Chapter / Title

* Summary / Overview

* References

* Questions / Further Research

* Duration of Study / Revision

The above columns of information will give the student a better idea of how much he has studied and how long it took him to revise a certain chapter or subject. The Study planner also gives an overview of the student’s speed of study and the amount he can cover in that duration. These columns of information prove to be very revealing on the student’s revision capability or learning ability.

The Reference and Further Research columns are helpful to remind the student in extending his studies to thoughts that came up during the study time, which is very beneficial in expanding knowledge and learning.

The Study planner template can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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