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Supplier and Vendor Letters Template

Every business needs suppliers and vendors to supply its products and services. At times, there may be new suppliers and vendors who may wish to introduce their products and services to some business or company. Hence, you would need to have a supplier and vendor letter which states the required products or services.

This supplier and vendor letter is given by a company to its supplier or vendor to replenish certain stock. Regular patrons may enjoy some discounts or special offers whereas new customers may request for new stock.

If the supplier or vendor provides good quality products or services, they are usually retained for future or long term usage. Sometimes, the price is the main factor of consideration for choosing the right supplier or vendor for any product or service.

A supplier and vendor letter may be formal with the necessary information stated down clearly for the supplier or vendor to deliver the necessary with accuracy. Good and long term suppliers or vendors may work on a contractual basis with the company after one supplier and vendor letter is given for the whole contract.

A supplier and vendor letter can have the following pieces of information on its template:

* Company’s Name, Logo, & contact information

* Date of Letter

* Company’s products & services

* Specific instructions

* Terms and conditions

* Special offers & discounts

A supplier and vendor letter is similar to a purchase order.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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