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Symbol Design Slide Template

Symbols are important pieces of representation. There are many types of symbols that one may want to choose to represent himself or the company; even for any country. A very common symbol that is recognized worldwide is the heart. It is a universal symbol of love.

You can have symbols in every aspect of life; there are universal symbols that anyone with sight would be able to recognize the meaning and representation of each symbol. For example, the handicap has their own symbol to represent themselves which is recognized worldwide. A red cross is another universal symbol for health care while a red ribbon is a newer symbol for battling AIDS.

Symbols can be designed according to the need of the individual or business. Business symbols may take on the form of company logo which represents the values of the organization; like APPLE computer with a colorfully striped apple symbol. Symbols can be of various shapes, sizes, forms, designs, pictures or words or a combination of the above.

A symbol design slide is usually used to present the design the desired symbol for an individual or company. The slides are viewed in the right order to show how the desired symbol is designed and why the symbol best fits the requirements. There could be just one or more slides for the symbol design presentation.

A symbol design slide template can have the following components:

* Title

* Colors

* Words

* Symbol

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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