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System Proposal Template

A company that desires to progress in the business world will often find that it requires an update of its system regularly. As the technology advances, it has little choice but to embrace new technology to give it the added advantage to be more competitive in the business world in order to maintain its business position.

Hence, a system update is normal in most companies as they progress in their operations year by year. The system proposal could come in a 3, 5, 7 or 10 year plan which a company undertakes. The system proposal is usually drawn up by consultants who understudied the company’s needs and requirements to submit the relevant system proposal.

The system proposal could be an expansion plan through acquisition or an update of the technology in the company.

A system proposal template can take on the following pieces of information:

* Consultant’s Company Name & Address

* Consultant’s Name & Title

* Client’s Name & Address

* Objective of System Proposal

* Overview of Proposed System

* Date

* Benefits of System Proposal

* Timeframe of Implementation

* Resources and skills

* System cost

* Service charge

* Validity

Terms and conditions which may apply to the system implementation may apply, such as depending on economic conditions, availability of technology and system proposal budget.

The client will need to consider all aspects of the proposal before accepting. There may be changes made before a final version is accepted.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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