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Table Name Card Template

When you are invited to a sit-down function, it is important to be able to identify your seating arrangement. It is unnerving when you cannot find your seat at any important function and even more embarrassing when you are left standing at the function.

Hence, a table name card may be a small piece of paper but it is very necessary at important functions to ensure that the guests are well taken care of.

A table name card can be in any shape although the industry standard for simplicity and professionalism is to keep it square or rectangular in shape. It is folded nicely to stand up displaying the name of the guest facing outward for a clear reading.

The name on the table name card is usually legible in capital; some personal functions like birthday parties or wedding dinners may have other types of fonts for the name display.

Table name cards must be prepared beforehand to ensure that no guest is left out, or goes without a seat. The guest’s name card should be prepared as soon as he is confirmed for the event.

A table name card template can consider the following components:

* Guest name

* Color

* Shape

* Size

* Fonts

Table name cards are usually placed on the table for the guest’s easy reference. They are removed when the guests arrived and are shown to their seats. Professional event coordinators handle this task well.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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