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Table Place Card Template

A table place card is usually a good piece of information to have when you are throwing a big party or function that requires seating arrangement. It may be a small and simple piece of paper but it is indeed very helpful to have when you do not have many helpers at a function with lots of people. A table place card reduces your work load at the functions as the guests can identify their seating arrangements personally or with little assistance.

There are many occasions where a table place card is necessary. At important functions, there are protocols to be followed. It may be necessary to identify the right seating arrangements for the right dignitaries to ensure a good and successful event flow. A nicely designed table place card will help a guest tremendously who may want to mingle around before the start of the function, and to return to his seat later.

A table place card is very simple with the guest’s name on it. It is usually prepared as soon as the guests confirmed their presence to the function. There is a lot of work prior to the function like preparing the table name cards and the right seating arrangements which may change if guests change their mind on attendance. There must be sufficient copies to print the guest’s name quickly.

A table place card template can have the following components:

* Guest name

* Design

* Shape

* Size

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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