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Tags Template

Any individual will tell you of the many items they possess which they may even forget. Hence, tags are created to ensure that every item that belongs to you will not be lost or forgotten.

You can use tags to identify every piece of item you have in your home or office so that you will not be accumulating copies of the same item unnecessarily. Tags can be simply designed to carry out its main function – identification. A tag can just have the item’s name on it, or it can contain other relevant information such as location of storage or purpose. It can also record date of last usage.

Tags can be pasted onto whatever item you want to identify belonging. You can tag your laptop or bags to ensure that they are not taken by mistake. Tags can come in various sizes, shapes, colors and fonts. Some creative tags can contain pictures for a more unique display and identification.

Hence, a tag template can have the following components:

* Owner’s name

* Designation or Title

* Date

* Purpose

* Last used

The information on the tag should be legible and smudge free. The tag should be placed in the best position for identification and quick reference. It should not be easily peeled off or removed from the item. You can make a single or multiple copies of the tag depending on your purpose, as in individual usage compared to business usage.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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