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Tax Accountant Resume Template

An accountant is a person who draws up the accounts of a business to ensure its good cash flow and liquidity. Further to that is a tax accountant who needs to check on the amount taxable on the profit made by a business. It is a heavy responsible where the tax accountant must have good accounting and taxation knowledge.

A tax accountant must also have legal knowledge to understand the consequences of misleading accounting information submitted to the taxation authorities. Hence, the tax accountant must be formally trained in the right discipline of accounting and taxation laws. There may be various certifications which he has to pass to qualify as a tax accountant.

He must have the skills and knowledge to produce tax computations, review and make good recommendations on these tax accounts for his employers or clients. He must have a sharp and analytical mind to check through every input and output of funds or finances in the company’s financial accounts to offer solutions to problematic situations. He is usually meticulous in his investigations and findings before drawing evidenced conclusions to help his clients prepare the proper tax documents for filing. He may need ICT skills.

A tax accountant resume template contains the following sections:

* Tax accountant’s Name & Address

* Personal contact information

* Education information

* Academic Qualifications & Achievements

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Career Objectives

* Special certifications

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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