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Teacher Aide Resume Template

Teaching is a noble profession which has been respected over the centuries. Anyone can be a teacher but it starts with a passion and good education to be a good teacher. Hence, an individual who desires to be a teacher will kick start her teaching career as a teacher aide.

A teacher aide is primarily employed to assist the teacher in a class. It may be a big class which requires more than just a teacher. A kindergarten class may require a teacher aide to take the child to the washroom while the teacher is having a lesson; or to keep the child quiet during a lesson.

A teacher aide can assist the slow learners in studies or in their motor skills such as drawing or coloring activities. She can encourage the child to learn while the teacher helps out other children.

A teacher aide has to be familiar with the curriculum to assist the teacher effectively. She may be also participating in the lesson to be a good learner model to the children in the class. She needs to be familiar with the class environment to assist in creating the right atmosphere conducive for effective learning.

A teacher aide may help the teacher prepare part of the lesson to ease the teacher’s workload. She needs to be a good team player with a good attitude.

A teacher aide resume template may contain:

* Aide’s personal information

* Career Ambition

* Education & Qualifications

* Temporary Work Experiences

* Interests

* Hobbies

* Community work

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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