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Teacher Assistant Resume Template

Those who like a noble profession can consider teaching but teaching requires passion and a good education. An individual who desires to be a teacher will kick start her teaching career as a teacher assistant with the right teacher education. You would need to understand the pedagogies and students characteristics.

A teacher assistant functions to assist the teacher in a class. She must be trained to handle the class just like the teacher-in-charge. She must be familiar with the students and follow the class lessons well so that she can step in whenever the teacher is unavailable.

A teacher assistant can assist with the class set up and preparations prior to the lesson to make it more conducive for the teacher to conduct the class. She can assist the teacher by guiding the students in the learning activities and learning objectives. A teacher assistant needs to be familiar with the curriculum to assist the teacher effectively. She must be a good learner model to the children in the class.

A teacher assistant may help the teacher prepare part of the lesson to ease the teacher’s workload. She needs to be a good team player with a good attitude. She must like teaching and cooperate with the teacher to make a positive impact on the class.

A teacher assistant resume template may contain:

* Assistant’s personal information

* Career Ambition

* Education & Qualifications

* Work Experiences

* Interests

* Hobbies

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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