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Teacher Planner Template

A teacher has many responsibilities; besides the teaching duties, there may be administrative and extra-curricula activities responsibilities which a teacher needs to set aside time for. To help a teacher be effective and efficient in all his duties, a teacher planner is a very useful tool. It allows the teacher to identify how his time is occupied in a day.

A teacher planner template can be for each day; this helps the teacher to be focused on the things to be done in the course of the day from the start of his school day.

Hence, a teacher planner template header can be simply with the following information:

* Teacher’s Name

* Date

The above information identifies the teacher and the date of the responsibilities.

The body of the Teacher planner template may contain columns of the following information:

* Time

* Activity / Task

* Venue

* Notes / Conclusion / Action

The above body structure allows the teacher to note and track the required tasks to be performed throughout the day according to the time. The Notes/Conclusion/Action column is very important to the teacher as it allows the teacher to note down further actions to be taken after the activity or to list down his thoughts after the activity is performed. The latter may serve as a record of what has transpired at the activity so that the teacher can follow up on it in the future.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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