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Team Meeting Agenda Template

For any project, there is always a need for meetings if the project requires a team. Team members need to meet together regularly prior to the project, during the project and after the project completion. Team meetings are important to discuss the project so that all members will have the same thoughts and understanding of the project to make it a success.

It is always good to have a team meeting agenda when calling for a team meeting. This agenda will help guide the meeting discussion so that time is not wasted with small talks or diversions.

Hence, a team meeting agenda template could include the following:

* Meeting Number

* Called by

* Facilitated by

* Venue of Meeting

* Attendees

* Absent Members

* Time & Date of Meeting

The above information will allow the facilitator or any team member to recall that particular meeting with the relevant information recorded.

The body of the Team Meeting agenda template may contain columns of the following information:

* Topic

* Presenter

* Time Allocation

* Notes / Conclusion / Action

The above agenda structure allows the facilitator to monitor and manage the meeting duration wisely. Each presenter is allotted a time to update the rest of the team on his progress of the project. But it may not be possible to have too many presenters at each meeting unless it is a brief update by each presenter.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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