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Technical Proposal Template

Every project has some technical aspects to it. There will be a need on the wiring, electrical and component cohesion on the project parts. Hence, a technical proposal is required to ensure that the project will be successful with all its components functioning properly.

It is futile to have the best parts or components if these are not put together cohesively; if one of the bolts or screws is missing or loose, there will be trouble. Hence, a technical proposal is to ensure that all project components are checked out by the technical experts who do thorough testing on each section of the mechanical components as well as the overall project entity.

A technical proposal must specify the areas of concern and the expertise offered to ensure a successful completion of the project with no technical failure. The technical proposal should list the objectives and the benefits of a good technical assistance and involvement in the project as opposed to the consequences if technical assistance is not rendered.

A technical proposal template may include the following pieces of information:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Proposal title

* Project title

* Date of proposal

* Version

* Methodology

* Objective of work

* Feasibility of work

* Benefits to the client

* Work schedule

* Impact of work

* Consequences

* Cost of work

* Areas of concern

* Types of testing

* Tools and equipments

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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