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Thank You Letter Template

Courtesy rules in any situation, be it personal or business. When a good deed or favor has been directed to you, it is only polite to reciprocate with a ‘thank you’ letter. A thank you letter is a simple gesture of appreciation for the kind thought, deed or effort made by another for you.

A thank you letter is easy and quick to write; it can be personal and unique if written creatively by the sender as it allows the sender to express his appreciation generously.

Although a thank you letter can be informal, if written to family and friends, it can take on a formal format while allowing flexibility in generating the contents.

A thank you letter template may have the following:

* Sender’s Name & Address

* Date

* Recipient’s Name & Address

* Salutations

* Contents

The contents section is the most important part of a thank you letter. It can be as long as the sender desires as it allows the sender to express his gratitude to the recipient for the kindness received by the sender.

The sender can be as open as he likes with his choice of words to convey his intention to the recipient. Words of gratitude can flow freely from the sender to the recipient and this can establish or deepen a friendship.

The thank you letter can end with a general but heartfelt salutation before the sender signs off.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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