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Theatre Resume Template

Those who like the theatre will enjoy the talents of the actors and actresses displayed on the stage. Acting is not as easy as many assume it to be. There are stringent requirements to become a good actor. A theatre performer is quite different from an onscreen actor.

A theatre performer will perform in front of a live audience which brings more satisfaction to the performer. He could interact or identify with the audience through their applause and responses. He must have a deep passion for theatre performances where he comes alive in his role.

Hence, a theatre resume lists down the experiences and acts which a performer has undertaken to his credit. The various roles and responsibilities a theatre performer has undertaken will give him more credit in his next role undertaking. A theatre resume may not be limited to acting; it can refer to organizing and assisting in the daily operations and maintenance of the theatre.

There are stock checks and orders to be carried out with accounts to be performed every month based on the theatre performances. There are liaisons with the actors and actresses, stage personnel and producers. A theatre resume may refer to the management of the theatre with all these aspects related to the theatre.

A theatre resume template contains the following sections:

* Applicant’s personal information

* Educational path and achievements

* Experience

* Identification of plays, movies, films involvement

* Skills

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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