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Therapist Resume Template

There are many types of therapist in the world today; a therapist is said to be a specialist in some discipline, assisting people to a form of wellness. A beauty therapist is to assist those who want to enhance their beauty with makeup or lifestyle changes. A physical therapist acts like a training coach who helps others to get into good shape through exercising and other physical routines.

You can also be a health therapist who guides you through the balanced diet pathway for good health while a psychology therapist assists you to a wholesome being through your soul and spirit fulfillment.

A therapist in any discipline must be well versed with the area which he wants to specialize in. He must receive the right formal training of that area and learn deeply about that discipline. He requires good communication skills so that he is able to convey the right information to assist those who come to him.

A therapist must be patient with his charges and is wise to apply the right therapy prescription. He needs to be well read and researched on the new and best therapy tools and procedures to assist the needy. A therapist must be alert to the progress or condition of his patients to change the therapy over time.

A therapist resume template may include:

*Therapist’s personal information

* Education

* Knowledge & Skills

* Work Experience

* Career Achievements

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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