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Thesis Proposal Template

There is never an end to learning; many people have gone back to school despite their age. They may have lacked the opportunity to further their studies while they were young due to many reasons, such as financial incapacity, family commitments or lack of interest. But over time, many individuals want to pursue a higher qualification and that requires a thesis.

A thesis is a write up of a research conducted on a topic that is of interest to the student, the teacher and perhaps even the society. It is a significant piece of study that a student undertakes over a period of time, such as one year to three years.

It is a research on a particular area of concern that can be improved on or a highlight on the situation or circumstances at that point in time; for example, AIDS and cancer and their impact on society at large.

That concern must be proposed and accepted by the lecturer as newsworthy before the student can proceed to research on it. Hence, a thesis proposal is required to be submitted to the teaching faculty that would be guiding the student and marking his thesis.

A thesis proposal template can have:

* Student’s name & identification

* Teaching faculty’s name & title

* Teaching Faculty Department

* Title of Research

* Objective and Purpose of Research title

* Background for research

* Problem statement

* Research methodology

* Proposed schedule

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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