Time Line Templates

Time Line Template

Every business has projects or tasks that are undertaken. For a business to perform well economically, it must be able to handle its projects or tasks efficiently and effectively. Thus, there is a need to identify the manpower, resources and time required for a particular project so that the jobs or projects taken on by the company will not be mishandled or neglected. A time line template assists the company in a better management of manpower, resources and work schedule for every job or project it takes on.

A time line records the types of project undertaken by the company as well as the time frame required to handle each project well. It can comprise 2 sections: a table of records of project information and a chart outlining the expected schedule of the project.

A time card can be designed on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis depending on the types of job a company takes on. Some jobs or projects may be small which takes only a couple of weeks while other bigger jobs, like construction, can take months or even years.

A time line template tracks the following information:

* Company Name

* Date

* Project Number

* Project Title

* Start date

* End date

* Project Leader

* Project duration

* Display Chart of Work schedule

A time line allows the company to prioritize its resources well to perform efficiently in all its undertaken projects.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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