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Timetable Template

A timetable is a very essential tool for a student to excel in his studies. At school, the timetable is used to refer to the times of study for the various subjects a student is committed to. At home, the timetable is helpful in managing his studies as in homework completion and revision of studies.

A student can incorporate the school timetable with a home timetable for the best management of time for two important issues in his student life.

The timetable allows the student to monitor what he needs to do and how much time he should invest in his task to excel in it.

A timetable template can have the following columns to record the necessary information to monitor progress in his studies and time management:

* Student’s name

* Date of study

* Time of study

* Contents of study

* References

The contents of study can record the school timetable as well as the home timetable so that the student is able to monitor his studies in and outside the class.

He can also record extra information which may be helpful to him at the side of the timetable, such as Questions, Things to note and Projects.

The Timetable template can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can be compiled for future reference and to allow the student to improve his time management as well as to identify the study areas where he concentrate on for better results.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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