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Tournament Bracket Template

A tournament is a competition; there will be participants and winners. Hence, it is important to have a proper or well organized template to record the players standing as they play each match and the players’ progress to the finals, where only the two best players will fight it out to win the coveted trophy.

There may be many participants in a tournament, which may be conducted in an elimination structure. A tournament bracket template will consist of boxes to fill in the names of the players in each match, of which the winner from each match will play against each other until the final two winners meet at the Final match for a winner.

Hence the tournament bracket template is more diagrammatic in nature with pairs of boxes and flow lines. There will be many pairs at the start of the tournament where all eligible participants will be paired for the preliminary rounds; the number of preliminary rounds depends on the number of participants and the play system adopted by the organizer.

After the preliminary rounds, the tournament will move to the Quarter-finals where half the number of participants will be knocked off the list. Winners of the Quarter-finals move on to the Semi-finals. Again, about half the participants will be eliminated until two winners remain. They will play the Final game to vie for the champion position.

A Tournament Bracket template will have:

* Tournament Name/Title

* Tournament Date & Venue

* Participants’ Names

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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