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Training Agenda Template

Training is important to an individual to enhance his knowledge and skills and be equipped for the work he is about to embark. A training agenda is helpful to the trainer or facilitator engaged for the training, as the facilitator is tasked to meet the training objective(s). A training agenda will guide the facilitator on the required training materials and the mode of presentation at the training.

Hence your training agenda template header may have the following information:

* Training Title

* Training Objective(s)

* Training Date & Time

* Venue

* Number of Participants

* Resources required (computers, LCD projector, paper, files, stationery)

* Facilitator

The above information gives an overview of the training for the preparation to be conducted.

The body of the Training agenda template may contain columns of the following information:

* Activity/Session

* Time

* Presentation Method

* Resources

* Closing

* Feedback/Evaluation

The Activity/Session column lists out further details to remind the facilitator what is required to be presented such as Welcome & Introduction, Ice Breaker, Session Proper with its objective and Resources.

The Activity/Session column usually lists 2-4 training sessions with Tea Breaks and Lunch break in between according to the time, for a full day training. Each day of training should be listed on separate pages for convenience.

A training agenda template can also include closing sessions at the end of each session or at the end of the day. The feedback or evaluation section is a good reminder for the facilitator to receive input on the effectiveness of the training conducted.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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