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Training Log Template

Training is an essential component in a company to its employees. Not all employees are skilled when they are employed. They may have some knowledge of the work they are responsible for. Nevertheless, with the changing work climate and technology, every employee needs to be re-equipped with the latest skills and knowledge concerning their job, otherwise, the company will lack further behind than its competitors.

Hence, a training log is very necessary to track the types of training that an employee has undergone. It can note the types of training, time and duration of training, the effectiveness of the training as well as follow up sessions. Keeping an employee updated with the market skills and knowledge benefits the company as the employee continues to be productive; if not more.

A training log template may have the following information:

* Company Name

* Employee’s Name & Title

* Employee’s Department

* Number of Employment years

* Training Title

* Training Objective(s)

* Training Date & Time

* Venue

* Facilitator

* Training Duration

* Feedback

A training log allows the management an overview of the effectiveness of the training for a future follow-up training like a refresher course or an advance level.

A training log template can also be used to prepare reports to the higher management on the types of training and their effectiveness. The training costs can also be included in the training log for accountability of funds.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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