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Training Presentation Template

Trainings are important in any organization and have become a necessity to ensure continuity in the business as changes come on with the new era. Not all employees are skilled when hired for a job; even if they are, over time, new technology like computers, and knowledge come up which the employees should pick up. There will certainly be changes to the needs of consumers or customers as well as new products to be marketed.

Trainings are useful to equip the employees with the proper skills and knowledge to maintain and enhance the employee’s productivity. Trainings can be performed in-house or outsourced, depending on the company’s budget and objectives. The training facilitators or trainers need to prepare the training materials well to fit the objective and needs of the employees, company and customers.

Hence, a training presentation is vital to a successful training. It must be suitable in its contents and be able to empower the trainees after the training for an obvious performance improvement.

A training presentation is usually performed using computers nowadays, where Powerpoint presentations are undertaken.

A training presentation template may include the following information:

* Training Title

* Training Objective

* Training Date

* Expected outcomes

* Training Contents

The training contents can be words, graphs, pictures, charts and diagrams to depict the information accurately and clearly for the participants to understand and grasp. Handouts can be given or participants are to take their own notes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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