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Training Proposal Template

Trainings have become a necessity in any organization which has employees. Not all employees are skilled when hired for a job; even if they are, over time, new technology like computers, and knowledge come up which the employees should pick up. Trainings are useful to equip the employees with the proper skills and knowledge quickly to maintain the employee’s productivity, if not to enhance it.

Trainings can be done in-house or out, depending on the budget and the company’s objectives. The training facilitators or trainers must be suitable with the right qualifications and experience, preferably with a proven track record. All these must be put in a training proposal which allow the management to consider approving the training.

A training proposal must be well written to convey the need of the training to the management before an approval can be given.

A training proposal template may include the following information:

* Company Name

* Department

* Training Proposal

* Proposer’s Name & Title

* Training Title

* Training Objective(s)

* Training Date & Time

* Venue (in-house or out)

* Number of Participants

* Resources required

* Facilitator details

* Activity/Session

* Expected outcomes

* Training cost

* Budget

The training proposal should describe the proposed training clearly stating its objectives and benefits of the training to the company as well as the staff. It should state the expected outcome of the proposed training to support its facilitation.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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