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Travel Letter Template

Sometimes your travels may not be as smooth as you desire them to be. You may encounter hiccups in your travel like a delayed flight or bad service. You may want to write in to the authority to inform them of the inconvenience caused on you during that time of travel so that their services can be improved and such inconveniences can be avoided.

A travel letter is what you can take on to write a feedback to the travel company. It is very similar to any business letter that is usually formal in format and structure. A travel letter can be of many sorts: enquiry, feedback on service, complaints, bookings, cancellations and the like.

A Travel letter template can have the following components:

* Sender’s name & address

* Company Name & address

* Date of letter

* Reference

* Greetings / Salutations

* Objective of letter

* Details of incident

The body of the travel letter states the objective of writing; it is a complaint, the time and date of the incident should be stated clearly with the details of the incident recorded for an investigation by the travel authority.

If it were an enquiry, the letter should state the questions clearly in order to obtain the right information in the response. No matter what type of travel letter is written, a quick and favorable response is expected as an indication of good service of the travel company.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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