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Travel Log Template

With the ever increasing petrol prices, it is wise for any driver to track its travels. This applies to the individual on a personal or business basis. Tracking the travel movements allow the individual to identify the types of chores that were carried out which required traveling.

A company would want a similar tracking. It may have company vehicles which the staff use to travel on business purposes or otherwise. Tracking the company vehicles’ movement in a travel log reduces, if not prevents, company resources abuse. The travel log will track the vehicle used, the mileage score, date and time of usage, as well as the user of the vehicle.

All these information on the travel log also allows the management or owner of the vehicles to identify the repair and maintenance of the vehicle, so that a proper upkeep of the vehicle is made to prolong its viability.

Hence a travel log template may record:

* Date

* Vehicle used

* Vehicle registration

* User name & title

* User contact number

* Destination

* Purpose of Usage

* Expected time of usage

* Expected return time

* Odometer readings

* User’s acknowledgement / Signatory

A travel log template can be electronically designed to enable an automatic computation of the distance traveled and the time taken for any occasion for reporting purposes.

A travel log template can be designed for weekly, fortnightly or monthly recordings depending on the nature of business.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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