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Travel Permission Form for Students

Schools are always planning excursions for the benefit of their students in an attempt to widen the students’ knowledge base and experience. But since students are underage, any travel without their parents require a parental consent.

Hence, a travel permission form for students is needed which indicates the parent’s knowledge and consent of the planned school excursion.

In a travel permission form for students, the objective of the trip must be clearly stated; it should usually be related to the learning outcome of a subject such as to understand how animals live in their habitats for a trip to the farm or zoo. Travel permission form for students need to specify the date, time, place and security features of the trip clearly to the parents before a parental consent can be given.

A travel permission form for student template may look like a permission letter whereby a declaration is made by the parents to allow or disallow their child from joining the trip. Parents can call up the school for further information on the trip.

A travel permission form for student template may contain the following sections of information:

* School’s name and address

* Objective of Letter

* Travel objective

* Venue, date and time of travel

* Accompanying teachers

* Mode of transport

* Expected number of students

* Time of meet up

* Expected Time of return

* Trip liaison contact

* Signature of parents

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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