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Travel Planner Template

When you consider traveling to another place, far or near, it is wise to have a travel planner with the relevant information spread out before your eyes. This will help you have an overview of what your trip would be like and how you can prepare best for a good time. There are many things to do in any travel as the destination can be exciting, but the excitement is only as much as your detailed planning.

Hence your travel planner template may have several sections to record information as follows:

1) Destination – preferred places of visit

* Destination name

* Distance

* Travel Time

* Number of pax

* Budget

* Reservations

* Mode of Transportation

* Availability of Transportation & Parking

* Parking Charges

The above information gives an overview of the preferred place of visit to budget and plan the trip comfortably.

2) Things to Note at Destination

* Food

* Sights

*Outdoor & Indoor activities

* Distance / Traveling time

* Special equipment

* Special clothing

* Pets allowed?

*Emergency supplies

*Mode of Payment (cash or credit)

*Maps & GPS


*Availability of WiFi

Depending on the nature of your travel, there are different points of consideration for a successful travel. An outdoor destination, like a camping trip, will require considerations of the weather and DIY related equipment whereas an indoor destination, like a sightseeing trip to another city, will require different considerations such as transportation, payment mode and urban activities.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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