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Tri Fold Brochure Template

Marketing, promotions, advertisements and news are all very important to every business; hence, it is crucial to have the right marketing tool to promote the business’ products and services. Many business events and products require flyers, brochures and leaflets to create public awareness on the company’s products and services.

A marketing brochure can be handed out to the public easily anywhere anytime. Brochures can be in many forms; you will find brochures in booklet form, A4 sizes and tri fold formats.

A tri fold format brochure is easy for door-to-door or public places distribution where the traffic is heavy. Its special design draws public attention and reading. Hence, the front of a tri fold brochure must be very appealing to allow the customers to take the brochure. The front column may display attention grabbing pictures or questions.

The tri fold brochure opens up to other columns of further information with relevant pictures and words. A tri fold brochure of one A4 page gives six columns of information which allows a good structuring of reading materials on the products or services.

A tri fold brochure is folded small enough to be carried in a bag easily.

A tri fold brochure template can have the following components:

* Company name & address

* Focus contents

* Special highlights / promotions

* Contact name & numbers

* Appealing and attractive pictures and words

* Colors and fonts

* Questions and answers

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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