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Trip Planner Template

There are many things to settle prior to a trip, especially if it is a business trip. A trip planner is helpful in identifying the required tasks needed to accomplish to ensure a smooth trip.

Hence, a trip planner template may have 2 main portions: Trip information and Things to Do.

The Trip information records the trip details as follows:

* Trip Name

* Trip Purpose

* Destination

* Departure Airport

* Departure Date & Time

* Return Date & Time

The above information enables the traveler to be aware of his objective and departure information so that he will not miss the flight. This will help the traveler to pack the needful for the trip.

The ‘Things to Do’ section records a checklist of things to confirm as well as information to ensure a good trip, such as:

* Validity of Passport * Passport Number

* Visa Required * Visa Number

* Vaccination(s) Required * Date of Vaccination(s)

* Flight Reservations * Departure: Airline, Flight Number and Confirmation

* Return: Airline, Flight Number, Confirmation

* Transport Arrangement to Airport * Limo service: License, Time of Arrival and Confirmation

* Car Rental Arrangement * Company Name & Contact number, contact person

* Confirmation and Reference number

* Time of Pick up & Return

* Place of Pick up & Return

The Checklist column is to help the traveler confirm that the required tasks have been taken care of, with the detailed information on the right column for reference.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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