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Typist Resume Template

A typist is an important figure in an office that has lots of documents to process. Documents can include proposals, contracts, reports and agreements. Even with the computer, a typist needs to be equipped with other skills to be an asset to the company.

A typist must be focused on her work where she has to complete her assignments within the deadlines. She must be trained at typing with an impressive or excellent typing speed. She must be careful in her work that will not generate errors with a fine eye on details. Her finished product will be testimony of her credibility.

A typist should possess excellent interpersonal skills with an effective approach to communication. She must be independent to work on her own initiative. A fast and good typist usually is formally trained and spent hours practicing her speed and accuracy skills to be good.

A typist must be good in grammar so that she will be able to correct sentence constructions and grammar immediately during her work without having to refer back to her superiors.

A typist should be diligent at her job, responsibilities and tasks so that she can perform her best and give the best outcome of her efforts.

A typist resume template may contain:

* Typist’s personal information

* Career Ambition

* Education & Qualifications

* Work Experiences

* Interests

* Hobbies

* Achievements

* Types of documents handled

* Certificates & Awards

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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