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Vacation Planner Template

Excitement fills the air when one looks forward to a vacation, but there are lots of preparations prior to the vacation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation.

Expectations are high when planning for a vacation but may not be fulfilled 100% as there are so many factors involved in planning a vacation. Some of these factors may be out of your control such as weather or unpleasant circumstances, such as loss of documents.

Nevertheless, a vacation planner template is very useful to help the traveler to prepare as best as he can to ensure a favorable trip. Details such as trip information and list of things to prepare should be included in a vacation planner as you identify the required tasks to accomplish for a smooth trip.

Hence, a vacation planner template may have 2 main portions: Vacation information and Things to Do.

The Vacation information records the trip details as follows:

* Destination

* Purpose

* Dates of travel

* Form of travel

* Number of travelers

* Budget

* Program

The above information enables the traveler to be aware of his overall objective and expectations for the vacation.

The ‘Things to Do’ section is very much a checklist of things to confirm as well as information to ensure a good vacation, such as:

* Validity of Travel documents

* Vaccination(s) Requirements

* Accommodation

* Transportation

* Packing list

* Maps & guides

* Souvenir list

* Foreign exchange

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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